Sunday, July 4, 2010


We can feel the change in the climate. Temperatures are dipping down,blue skies are occupied by dense dark clouds,the surroundings are getting greener day by day.Most of us are eagerly awaiting the arrival of rains, few lucky have already got the taste of it. This is an ideal and perfect weather to sit back,relax,have a mug of hot coffee,probably music or a novel to go with it and just enjoy the awesome weather.
Yesterday when i published a post, i wanted to post one more ambigram. I was not getting to a word. As i was returning from my friends place this morning and out of nowehere the word tornado caught my attention. I was dying to get my hands on Inkscape.
The 't' and 'o' was the first challenge which i tackled on my way itself. I knew i had an 'o' on the other side so it was only a matter of adjusting the 't' besides the 'o' which was not a big issue.If you look at the design closely, I have made use of a single rectangle with curved edges to complete it. The 't' and 'o' forced me do the ambigram out of this single shape. This was required to make the design uniform and attractive.
The next test was to make 'rnad' to look as 'danr'. I first thought of using the small 'r' and 'd'. But the design was looking clumsy. So i thought of using the capital 'R' and small 'd'. The bottom stroke of 'R' was only required to be added to the inverted 'd'. The rectangles helped me here as the letters 'd' and 'R' were synchronous with 't' and 'O'.
If you look at 'a' and 'n' they are natural ambigrams. But the style of these letter is not helpful here. So i had to come up with a different design. After a lot of thinking and doodling, i decided to make use of the captial 'N' and capital 'A'. The rectangles helped to come with this design.I used the half part of 'N' to look like an 'A', thus making it in sync with the other letters. After few final touches and changes the design was complete. I want to check the readability of the ambigram so i asked my friend (yash) to view it. He intantly typed 'Tornado' and i was elated. Readability was scruitinized.
Making the ambigrams makes me so happy and when the person viewing it reads it, the feeling is just awesome. I would like to express my gratitude towards Inkscape and blogger who gave me the pulpit to help me reach the viewers.

Eagerly awaiting the comments.


Yamini Dhopavkar said...

Hey Jo.. u know i seriously appritiate the way u write... u r improving day by day....
Keep up the good work.....

Yash said...

Loved it man! Its awesome!

Sandeep D. said...

This one's great... tough one bt you cracked it! :)

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