Monday, October 19, 2009

atom : - A smallest particle

I was just wondering about the next theme based ambigram and no word, I repeat no word came to mind. I had announced about the theme based ambigrams in my last post but i soon realised that this was not an easy business.

I had juggled around with two,three words that were saved in my mobile. But i couldn't achieve what i wanted to put forth in front of you guys. After pondering for a long time i fixated on the word 'atom'.

I had saved this word courtesy 'wake up sid'.Now let me clarify what is 'wake up Sid', it is an Indian movie that had released last month. Ranbeer Kapoor starred with Konkanna Sen Sharma in the movie. Ranbeer had wore a t-shirt which had the cartoon character 'atom ant' printed on it. That is how i got this word.

I had no idea of making this word a theme based ambigram. I just completed the design of the word and just put the word atom in google search, and to my surprise i had found some good images that i can use for my design.Almost all the images had orbitals in it. I decided to use the 'orbitals' for my designs.

Let me first clarify what an orbital is.In physics, an orbital is where an atom revolves around the nucleus.

I tried to use the custom images from google but they had some shortcomings that I couldn't overcome. So i decided to make these orbitals myself. I used the circle feature in Inkscape and used the good old linked offset to give the design a different flavour.

The actual design of the ambigram was lot easier and took a very less time to complete. 'atom' - if u look at the design i have used the 'a' and 't' to make a 'm'. I had to make some modifications for the word 'a'. O is a natural ambigram so it was just drag and drop thing and the design was completed in minutes.

The later part ate almost an hour. I had searched for the orbitals but didn't succeed. I created the orbitals my self and added the atoms that you can see in the design.

The design looks pretty Ok. I must admit one thing to you all, i am awful at colour combinations. That's a disheartening yet it is true. But i am trying really hard to overcome this and i hope, i would improve on this front too. So that you guys don't feel that the design is tawdry.

Many thanks to inkscape and People please keep checking out my blog for new posts and your comments are welcome.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ring around RinG

In the last blog i had promised you that i would come up with a different concept. Here i am on the eve of diwali which is on of the most vibrant and exiting festival ever.

I will now be creating theme based ambigrams. This is my first attempt for this concept. Hope you all like it.

I have a habit of jotting down words in my mobile notes every time I come across them. This has helped me a lot. Due to this I have got lot many to play with.
For achieving something it is very important that one must be vigilant about that particular thing. Considering my case, i am always on my toes to grab a word irrespective of the place and time. Once i get the word my whole mind process starts in relating the words upside down. This initial thing is of utmost importance to create a design.

RinG, i came across this word when i was in a cinema hall with my friends. I had quickly saved the word in my notes folder.
If you watch carefully i have one more habit, i write the word in my post as the design is. Like in this case i have written the word RinG , R and G are capital because they are capital in the design. This depicts the visualisation that i have made in my mind.

The design is pretty simple. 'R' goes easily with 'G' and 'i' and 'n' are clubbed together. Here i have used two 'u' one straight and the other upside down. The left part of the u has a dot over it to make it a 'i', rest of the part is 'n'.

The thought about placing a ring around the word didn't come to my mind in the first place. This design was originally created in pune, on my sister's laptop.I recreated this design back home and i was just about to fix the design and this thought struck me like a lightning bolt. Why not place a ring around the word so that it would actually explain the word?
I placed a circle around the word and i wanted a ring. Linked offset came to my rescue and created the ring around the word.

The design looks pretty much sober and polished. I always think about the impact of the design on peoples mind.I have always got mixed responses. There are lot many designs that i think are clear and concise, but people don't understand them. The success of the design lies in the end user's interpretation. There is a simple principle, if they understand my design then I succeed in my efforts.

Thanks to inkscape and for giving me a pulpit to showcase my art. I would also like to thank people who visit my blog.


Monday, October 12, 2009


What does peace mean, it means serenity. A lot of people crave for this peace

In places like Afghanistan, there has been a war like situation for the past 2 decades. The war has got a severe toll on their lives and their mind. Their minds have been slogged because of the constant attacks.
This design is the tribute to these people with a hope that the war will soon end, peace will again be restored.

This design has unique angle to it. In the last to last post i had mentioned that i was not able to create ambigrams as i was away from my home town. But this ambigram design has created,completed and posted in Pune.

If you look at this design it is pretty simple and polished. E and c clubbed together to create the word p. e and a are natural ambigram so they were easy to create. I took me not more than 20 minutes to create this design.

From the next post i am planning to give a different flavour to my writing. I have not fixed the idea what i am going do but you will feel the difference in my blogs. So stay tuned guys.

As always thanks to Inkscape.