Sunday, October 10, 2010


A year back I had decided to create theme based ambigrams and present them in front of you. 'Atom' was the first theme based ambigram and people appreciated it. After that i created hardly two more theme based ambigrams and i stopped doing it. Today i have come up with another of the theme based ambigram for the word 'Online'.

'Online', the word caught my attention when i was chatting on gtalk one day. I just saw the green dot and my name stating that i am online. So I thought why not make a ambigram out of it. I wanted use that green dot to gain more leverage on the understanding of the design. I had decided to use the dot as part of the ambigram.

If you see the word, it is far more a natural ambigram. 'Online', 'N' and 'N' are natural ambigram and 'l' can be adjusted well to look like an 'i'. With a small adjustment 'e' can pretty well look like an 'o'. As i had decided to include the green dot, i thought of making the 'o' as solid green dot. But this would give away the 'e' and would need to be adjusted else where. I didn't want to disturb the natural ambigrams. So after some thinking i decided to make the 'o' as pacman design, A sector of the 'o' can be cut and the 'o' would look like an 'e'. After few adjustments the design looked satisfying and was completed in very less time.

I am thinking of creating ambigrams out of 'busy' and 'away' words which has some resemblance with the words and appearance on gtalk.

Your comments and suggestions are highly awaited.

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