Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time - Answer to all the questions

I have missed the most important word i.e time.

This design is a little different than the previous designs. This has evolved in inkscape and not on paper. No pencil and paper were used to create this ambigram.

I have made use of linked offset in this ambigram. To elaborate more on the linked offset term, see the red and the yellow outline in the ambigram. That is called linked offset.

I have used custom build letters 't' and 'i' from the font 'arial narrow' font. To complete the design i have used rectangles,curves etc.

For the first time i have united the letters and that is the reason why i was able to create the linked offset of this letters. You can expect this sort of linked offsets in future designs.

Thanks to Inkscape, without this the blog wouldn't have been created.


Hello friends

Blog count for the day is 3 :)

So guitar, a very simple ambigram with a simple design. The design of this ambigram was pretty quick. The actual design took some time.

GuiTAR, I have purposely written in this way as i have visualised the word in the given pattern.
Here only G and R are new designs rest all are contemporary designs.

Guitar is one of the favorite instrument for rockers and this ambigram post comes right after 'hourGlAsS', one of my friends band group. So i was pretty much sure that i would force the post as soon as possible.

I used Inkscape to create this ambigram, but i am not able to exploit all the features that the software has to offer. I would like to bring a professional finish for my further designs.

Life is all about learning and the learning never stops.

I would like to dedicate this design to my dear friend 'Rockrrr' - Sand-E.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Textogram - Combination of a ambigram and text

Hello friends

This time i want to present a fusion between ambigram and other text. I call it as a 'Textogram'.
This jargon is created by me so you may not find any refrencences of this on the internet.

I had always dreamt of making a watermark for my art so as to safeguard it. But at the same time i wanted this watermark to be different. The design should be something such that it can be related to the ambigram stuff. My initials are 'p' and 'd' so these are natural ambigrams. So i was hovering on to this pd design. I wanted some marquee text so that the watermark or logo would look complete.

I came across a very important piece of information about using a linked offset in inkscape.
A linked offset produces a outline for the selected object. So i used that and tried to create such thing in inkscape.

I used custom text provided by the software and i could make this logo which i think personally is very easy,vivid and beautiful.

I was succesful in procducing my watermark. A textogram

Hour Glass

Hour glass, If you look at this word it is not easy to visualise it upside down.
hour Glass now we can see the small 'h' and 's' they can
be mapped. I used the upper curve 'S' for 'h'. Mapping of 'o' to 's' is a little abstruse but it fits well here. As always 'u' and 'A' are natural one letter ambigrams so not much problem there. The mapping of r and L is also easy.

The letter 'G' was the centre letter for this ambigram and it need some embellishment. It was need to be a vivid design so that the ambigram would look natural. The design that i have used is a modification from one of the ambigrams done by Nikita Prokhorov. He had made use of the letter 'G' in a very good way, so it struck my mind to incorporate that design into my ambigram with some changes.

The design came to my mind when i was working in the office. I used a marker and desk to create a initial draft of this design. If you had seen the initial design it was not neat but it was clear. So the final design revolved around the initial design.

As always thanks to inkscape, a powerful vector drawing tool.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Craziest ambigram that i have created

Crazy the word itself has some thing crazy written all over it. So to give justice to this word i had to create it in a crazy way.
Crazy means madness or insane. The design is same as the word 'canty'. The Y is used as 'S'.
The new thing that i have done here is that i have use the Z as the stroke of R,so in a way if you invert the word it will look like the right side of alphabet R. The left side of R is clubbed with c to
make it as a inverted 'y'. The design of A is some thing different. It fits well here.
Enough of the talking let me present the ambigram CRAZY