Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clayton - My Fellow Ambigramist

I have been itching to post a ambigram since a very long time. But apperently for some reason i was not able to post it. I have successfully created my first hand drawn, scanned and edited ambigram. People who are in my facebook friend list have seen the ambigram and have appreciated it. It is satisfactory to read positive feedback about my designs.Since then i have always craved for creating the hand drawn ambigrams instead of using inkscape and illustrator to draw it from the scratch. I use the tools for editing and adding some effects. The editing is a long process and i am getting a taste of it slowly.

Today i have come up with a ambigram of my ambigram mate 'Clayton'. I met Clayton on facebook and was instantly a fan of his designs. This guy is a creative genius. He has not only got custom ambigrams but also some ring designs of the words. Mind you creating ambigram rings is not easy and this guy creates them with awesome clarity and fascinating designs. We been friends since then and have been sharing a lot of stuff about ambigrams and art. It feels good to discuss about ambigram with a fellow artist.You can go through the following site to view his designs

The design took very less time to evolve. It took not more than 20 mins to complete the ambigram. The 'c' and 'l' can be connected to create a 'n' . 'o' can be transformed into an 'a' very easily. Now the 'y' can be made look as a 't' by writing the 't' in a cursive format and inverting it. The design was clear and concise. I had created this on a paper so the next task was to scan it and edit it. The editing part took a very long time. I made a lot of changes to the design. Every single time i was not satisfied with the design. But finally after a long time I was able to complete it and put in the front of you. Finally today it was ready to upload.

Thanks to blogger,inkscape and illustrator. Wonderful tools.

Eagerly awaiting your comments.