Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Musketeers Part - II - 'aramis'

Life has really changed from the last post and what it is right now. Life has shown different colours from the time since last post. These three months has reassured me that life offers tons of learnings at every point of your life.

To continue with serious that i started on 1st of january 2010, let me put forward the second ambigram in the 'Three Musketeers series'. The word is 'aramis'. It is the name of one of the musketeers. The three musketeers has got a correlation with my life and this devoted to one of my closest person in my life. The three musketeers is related to my 2 friends and me. It was the best time that we had spend together.

The design took a long time to evolve. I had finalised on 3 designs but the designs lacked clarity. I have added a new step in the ambigram creation these days. I get the design scrutinized from
the third person. Perception of each human being is different because everybody is unique in this world and no person can be compared with the other because in turn you are direspecting both of them. My ambigrams are readable to me but they cannot be easily read by other people. The clarity of the design is the most important thing in the ambigram design.

The hardest part about this design was 'a' and 's'. This is the only reason i had to create 3 designs and had to settle down on the fourth. The word 'rami' are easy to convert to a ambigram. The design for these word was confirmed in the 1st version. I had searched a lot for the transformation of a to look as a s. But finally i came this transformation that i have user here. It actually fits well in this design. The cursive typecast makes it more attractive and readable.

So that the second part of the 'Three musketeers series'. The second part took a lot time to come up but i am going to complete the series very soon. So stay tuned for the next part in the series.

To say the least i am thankful to Inkscape and blogpost who gave me the opportunity to showcase this unique art.