Monday, June 28, 2010


Its been such a long time since i have posted any artwork. It is almost 3 months since the last ambigram. During this time i have created very less number of ambigrams. I have created some logos in and around, but they were not worth posting. This is an ambigram devoted blog so i would ideally not want to post logos.

Ambigram was the source to the word Ambiguity. This word caught my mind really quickly and i decided to turn this word into an ambigram. This a first ambigram created on my Sony Vaio laptop. :) :)

The middle word 'big' is a natural ambigram. So ideally i didn't want to touch these words. Initially i had fixated on two designs with a small 'a' to be used rather than a capital 'A'. It was very hard to use the small 'a' to look as a 'y' when viewed upside down. After almost 2 days a thought crossed my mind to use the 'y'(small) to view as a 'A' when viewed upside down. There were no ambiguities in my mind to use this design and it looked just perfect.

The next big task was to turn 'uit' into a 'm'. Here lied a challenge because if u try to make use of 'u' and 'i' it perfectly took shape of an 'm'. But the 't' would be left as an orphan. Frustration of not coming to design was taking over me. I decided to club all the three letters together and try to hide the letter 'i' in the 'm'. But my efforts were not gaining any fruits. I reduced the length of 'u' and brought 'i' closer to it. I inserted a line between 'u' and 'i'. Alligning the 't' close to the 'i' was not that hard. After some changes and upadets a furnished 'uit' to 'm' was created successfully. At the end i added the same line (in a reduced length) to the centre of 'y' to make it look like an 'A'.

Finally the ambigram was complete and it was looking gorgeous. This ambigram actually required a lot of creative thinking. The readability of the ambigram had to be perfect. Another aspect would be attractiveness which is also fairly good. All in all a good result in the end.

Thanks to Inkscape and Blogspot.