Sunday, September 27, 2009


Music is one of many beautiful things gifted by god. Music can be played in any form, be it rock,soft rock,acoustic,classical etc.
People treat music as their companion when they are alone or when they are travelling. Music is also a source of motivation for a number of people.
For singers,music directors,musicians music is passion. For such people , music is a life too.
Music one of the greatest stress busters one can ever have.
Music is an integral part of my life too. When i run,i plug one end headphones in my ears and the other end into my ipod and play my favorite music. When i am frustrated music ameliorates my mental condition. When i am nostalgic i play the tracks which i used to play in my college life.
And this enables me to fly back to the golden days and cherish those moments.

Music is a gigantic domain and has a lot of impact on people's mind.

This design is a tribute to the word.I had created a design for this word and you can see that in the previous posts. But now-a-days i am in the mood of revisiting the old words and creating new and polished designs. So this is one of the design.

If you look at this design, it is really crisp and easy to understand. Creating 'S' was a really torrid task in this design. 'c' , 'i' fit well to make one part of the letter 'm'. I squeezed the 'S' in to make the 3rd line of the letter 'm'. But here the challenge was to make this 'S' look like a 's'. After battling for almost 20mins i fixed on this design and created it. The new thing in this ambigram is the creation of the letter 'u'. The design just clicked in my mind and i was able create it digitally.

Personally i was impressed by the design as this looked more like a professional and finished product.

These designs triggers the thought of making a tattoo and pasting it directly on my body.
It should be temporary tattoo so that i can use all my designs one by one.

Thanks to inkscape and


Its been a month since there is no hustle on my blog spot. I didn't have my kit to produce these ambigrams as i was away from my home town.

Today i have got a new ambigram and a non-contemporary design that suits the word.

I was just about to make an ambigram and i was searching for a potential word and i came across the word 'kingdom'. This is a very common word and most of the people would be aware of its meaning. For the people who aren't familiar with the meaning, which is a distinct possibility,Kingdom means a land or a region owned by a king or queen.

This design evolved completely on the computer. I would like to owe it to from whom i got the idea of this design.

Here if u see the words 'k' and 'i' fit well to produce a 'm'. 'o' can be used as a 'n'. Now the real deal here is all about the word 'g' and 'd'. I just mapped 'g' to 'd'. I was actually skeptical about the understanding of the ambigram as these two letters are the center pieces of the word.

An ambigram revolves around the center letter or letters. They are the corner stones for understanding of the ambigram. So here it was important to use the words 'g' and 'd' carefully.

As this word is medieval i wanted to give the design a different touch. The letters are artistic and they define the word well.

This design is courtesy of Inkscape and

Sunday, September 6, 2009

rocK on Reloaded

One more cat out of the my hat.

This time its a reincarnation of the old word but in a completely new look. The word is 'Rock On'
The word itself has rock written all over it.
'rocK on' is really a legendary word for Rockers and Musicians.

I had posted the ambigram of this word like 6 months back. But that time i was in some different mood altogether. Somehow i couldn't give justice to that word. I myself was not content with the design of the ambigram. The previous design looked more amateurish. It was not finished and was pretty unclear.

I had different design in my mind and the design was similar to what it is now. I wanted to give jazzy look to the ambigram as the word itself is jazzy. The words beautifully setup the ambigram to be created in jazzy way.

If you look at the word, it was easy to map the letters 'ocko' to 'okco'. The mapping of 'r' to 'n' was a little tricky and these two letters were actually vital in making the word look jazzy. In a way it was easy to map letter 'o' to a 'o' and the mapping of 'c' and 'k' is also decent. I didn't want to break the mapping of 'o' to 'o' as it gave a different look to the design. So the stage was set for me to use my creativity and create this ambigram.

Here again i used the custom font provided by inkscape. If you look at the letter 'r' and 'n' ,it was easy for me to create the left side of the letter 'n' by using an inverted 'r'. So the real challenge was to show the right side of the letter 'n'. I wanted people to view this right side of letter 'n' to be not connected to 'r' and if inverted, it should look like a 'n' when connected with 'r'. So i used the a symbol from the keyboard to create the letter 'n'. The symbol actually fitted well so as to complete this design.

Again many thanks to the software inkscape without whom it was not possible for me to put forth my art in front of you.

Hope you all like this design.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A new day and a new ambigram.

The word impact means influence. Everybody is impacted by some or the other way in their life.
Be it good or bad. I was also influenced by this word and i decided to create an ambigram as a tribute to this beautiful word.

imPact :- This word came to mind when i was in the office. (Now people may think what do i really do in the office as most of the designs evolve in my mind when i am in the office. :) :) ) I didn't use any pen or paper to create this,the design just struck my mind and I convinced my self that yes this baby is done.

I have made use of the custom font that is present in 'Inkscape' to create this ambigram, to be in sync with the previous design.Now here if u see the word, i have made use of the letter 't' and added just a dot below it so that it would look like an 'i' when viewed upside down.The letters 'c' and 'a' are clubbed together to create the letter 'm'. Up till this point it was easy. But now i wanted to make the letter P to look in the same way upside down.

So i used the custom built 'c' for making the letter 'p'. Now the next challenge was the alignment of the letters. But i had lame design in my mind. So it didn't take long time to complete.

Now the next thing was the linked offset(outline), which had a lot of 'impact' on my mind once i saw it in a tutorial for inkscape on the Internet. I have really liked that thing because it gives a different flavour to the ambigram. The design looks more polished and vivid.

From the time i started using inkscape to create my ambigrams, i used the calligraphy brush to a large extent. Then i started using the curve functionality and now as the time has passed i am able to exploit more features provided by the software. I am getting more and more comfortable with the software.

Some of the terms may be abstruse to people who have not used Inkscape, my apologies to them,but here i only want to let you know about the evolution of my designs.Experience helps people to learn many things and they can apply these learnings in the future.

With all this, I'm really dubious about the amount of 'impact' that will be casted on the viewers.
Fingers crossed